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Undercliff is always looking for new members! Many people do not want to be a firefighter. THATS OK!!! Undercliff has different types of membership that allows any person from age 16 and up get involved and help their community. The three types of membership are Active, Junior, and Business. Below are the descriptions of each type of membership.
Active Membership


  • Must be 18 Years Old
  • Must Complete 180 Hours of Training at the Allegheny County Fire Academy within your first year
  • Must Complete 30 hours of fundraising each year
  • Must Complete 30 Hours of In-House Training Each Year
  • **You Will Start with a 1 Year Honorary Membership Status**

Junior Membership

  • Open to 16-18 Year Old's
  • Must Have Parental Consent
  • Must Submit ALL Report Cards and have NO Failing Grades
  • Must Complete 30 hours of fundraising each year
  • Must Complete 30 Hours of In-House Training Each Year
  • **Many Restrictions apply to Juniors depending on age--You will find out what restrictions are in place when you and your parent(s) meet with our Junior Liaison and Junior President**

Business Membership

  • Must be 18 Years Old
  • Participate in all fundraising functions
  • **Do Not Respond to Fire Calls--Have no "fire" interaction at all**

Shaler Township Fire Police

  • The Township of Shaler is currently accepting applications for membership as a Fire Police Officer. The primary role of a Fire Police Officer is to assist the Shaler Police with traffic control at emergency scenes. There are special events within the Township where the Fire Police are called upon to assist. The Township of Shaler in conjunction with the Police Department, Fire Departments, and Shaler EMS will provide training to all Fire Police Officers. The training will consist of Traffic Direction, First Aid and CPR, NIMS Awareness, Haz-Mat Awareness, and various orientation courses that involve Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical operations. Please call the Township of Shaler at 412-486-9700 for further information. We look forward to having you join our Emergency Response Team.

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