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Doors Open at 5:00 PM

Sales start at 6:00 PM

Games Start at 7:00 PM


COVID19 (Coronavirus) Update Bingo Postponed Until Further Notice:

Over the past few months, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has commanded the attention of the entire world – and rightfully so. As of this post, over 169,000 people have been infected with the virus and those numbers continue to climb each day. Here in the United States, health experts warn that things will get much worse before they get better.

Some states – including Pennsylvania and neighboring Ohio – have taken drastic measures that include shutting down bars and restaurants, cancelling major events, and forcing folks to work from home. The response to this global pandemic is unlike anything any of us have seen in our lifetime.

Locally, our elected officials have started to implement plans for self-quarantine in our communities. On Sunday night, the CDC recommended suspending gatherings of 50 or more people. Our dedicated patrons know that our weekly bingo draws a crowd much larger than that. After careful consideration and in an abundance of caution, we’ve made the decision to suspend our Friday Night Bingo until further notice.

We are not putting a timeframe on this suspension because the situation is fluid. We will continue to seek counsel and follow the guidance of the healthcare community.

Our number one priority is public safety. It’s what we do. The brave men and women of our department put their lives on the line every day for that mission. The decision to suspend our Friday Night Bingo was difficult one, but at the same time, an easy one. We will always take the side of public safety.

Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for updates in the days and weeks to come. Until then, please stay safe, wash your hands, and continue following the recommendations of the healthcare community. Thank you for your support!

We can all do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID19. 


  1. Wash you hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available. 
  2. Avoid close contact with any one who is sick
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth
  4. Cover your cough with a tissue or arm
  5. If you are sick, stay home
  6. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces


Thank you again for all your support and if anything should change we will be sure to let you know. 



General Admission: $16.00

   12 Regular Cards

   6 Special Cards 

   1 Door Prize Ticket

   6 Jackpot Cards

   Magic Number



   18 Regular Games at $75.00 each (If we have over 135 people at 7:00 pm, prize increased to $100.00)

   4 Special Games at $150.00 each (If we have over 135 people at 7:00 pm, prize increased to $175.00)

   3 Early Bird Games at $100.00 each

   1 Bonanza-buy back option - Progressive with $50 consolation

   1 Cash Line - First one to fill up any vertical line wins that line's progressive prize!

   1 Crazy Bingo (All Nighter) - Progressive with $50 consolation

        48 Numbers or Less- $1500.00
        49 Numbers or Less- $1400.00
        50 Numbers or Less- $1300.00
        51 Numbers or Less- $1200.00
        52 Numbers or Less- $1100.00
        53 Numbers or More- $1000.00


*Minimum Payout on Regular Games: $15.00
*Minimun Payout on Special Games: $30.00


*Lightning Bingo Quickie after the first break at 1/2 take!

*Cash Box Jackpot after the second break with a $150.00 consolation prize.

*"Duckie Dollars" sold every week - $5.00 gets you a chance at several more magic numbers!

*"Luck 4 Bingo" sold every week - $2.00 gets you a chance for the progressive prize if you bingo in 4 numbers!

*Weekly Promotions!

*FULL KITCHEN from 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm!


*Free Coffee

*Padded Chairs

*Handicap Accessiable

*2 Floors with multiple TV monitors on each floor

*No Smoking in Accordance with the Pennsylvania Smoking Ban

*Instant Tickets and Tip Boards Sold All Night Long

*Door Prizes






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