We are very excited to introduce the newest addition to the Undercliff VFC fleet, 264 AV 1! Last night, we took delivery of our new 2024 Polaris Ranger UTV that is equipped with a QTAC fire suppression insert with stokes basket mount. This unit has a 75 gallon water tank, 100 foot hose reel, and Waterax high pressure pump to assist with various fire scenarios. The unit also has a stokes basket mount to assist with physical rescue, EMS, and search details. The acquisition of this new resource will allow us to better access hard to reach places where conventional vehicles cannot get to. Our goal in this acquisition was to be better equipped to handle emergencies in the number of community parks, walking/hiking trials, railroad tracks, and other wooded areas in Shaler Township.

264 AV 1 will now begin the process of being outfitted with emergency lighting, scene lighting, and other accessories/equipment needed for various emergencies. Our members will also be going through a training course on the vehicle to ensure safe operation while operating on scene. We are hopeful to have the new unit all outfitted and in service within the next month or so.

We would like to take this moment and thank all of you, our supporters for helping make this journey possible! Thank you also to Green Acres Powersports for all their work and expertise on this build of this vehicle. Lastly, a thank you to all our members who continue to push themselves to be the best they can and serve their community proud. This new vehicle and our new engine that will be coming will allow us to better serve our community into the future and be prepared for whatever comes our way. Our mission has always been to provide the residents, businesses, and visitors of Shaler Township with first class fire and rescue services, and this is another testament of our pledge to do so.

Thank you once again for all your continued support of Undercliff VFC! We could not do what we do without you! Be sure to check back for the completed photos of this unit before it goes into service! Stay safe!

~The officers and members of Undercliff VFC