Vehicle Details:

2000 Frieghtliner FL 112
455 Hp Cummins M-11 Diesel Motor
Allison Automatic
4Guys Firetrucks Inc Stainless Steel fire truck body
750 gallon tank
1500 GPM Hale/American LaFrance Single Stage Pump


    Equipment Carried on 264 Engine:

    Two 200ft 1 3/4 crosslays
    One 250ft 2 1/2 crosslay
    One 350ft 1 3/4 line
    One 300ft Leader Line w/ Two 100ft 1 3/4 lines
    500ft of 3 inch supply line
    1500 Ft 4" LDH Supply line
    High Rise Pack
    NFPA compliment of required (at time of purchase) Engine ground ladders
    Various Sized Pike Poles
    Containers of F500 Foam
    MSA Thermal Imaging Camera
    Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan
    Various cribbing
    Step Chalks
    Hydraulic Combi Tool w/ Pump
    Minor Rescue Tools
    Various Hand Tools
    Oil Dry
    MSA air packs, spare bottles
    Four gas meters (2)
    Natural Gas Sniffer
    Elevator Key Kit
    Motorola UHF mobile radios
    Kenwood UHF portable radios
    Streamlight Battery Powered Scene Light