Vehicle Details:

1992 Mack Saulsbury Walk-In
Mack 330 HP  Motor
Allison 4000 6 speed Trans
35 KVW Shaft Driven Generator
Wilburt 45' Light Tower
6 Ton Fixed Front Winch
6 Bottle 6,000psi cascade


    Equipment Carried on 264 SOV:

    4 200' HD Cord Reels with Junction Boxes
    Genesis Rescue System with 2 100' Hydraulic Reels (Cutters, Spreaders, Rams, 2 Combi Tools)
    2 Portable Hydraulic Pumps
    Various Cribbing for Vehicle Rescue
    4 Step Chalks
    Rhino Tool
    3 Gas Powered Trash Pumps
    6 Electric Submersible Pumps
    1 Portable Gas Powered Generator
    1 Chainsaw
    1 Fire Service K12 Saw
    1 Electric Ventilation Fan
    Various sections of hard suction and hose for pumping details
    Brooms and Shovels
    Electric Ventilation Fan
    Various firefighting handtools (Irons, Axes, Hooks, Pry Bars, etc)
    Portable Flashlights
    Battery Powered Impact Drill and Drill Kit
    Battery Powered Grinder
    Batter Powered Reciprocating saw 
    Class 3 and Class 5 PFDs
    Water Rescue Throw Bags and Helmets
    First Aid Bag
    Portable Coffee Maker and Bottled Water
    Air Chisel
    Cutting Torches
    Stokes Basket
    Little Giant Ladder
    Portable Tent
    Various Chains and Ratchet Straps
    Rescue Skids 
    Battery Powered Scene Light
    Toolbox with assortment of hand tools
    Rehab Supplies
    Wet and Dry Vacs
    7 MSA Airs Packs with Spare Cylinder
    RIT Pack
    Search Rope
    Motorola UHF Mobile Radios
    Kenwood UHF Portable Radios
    Junkyard Dogs
    High-Lift Jacks
    Porta Power
    Bottle Jacks
    Heavy Timber for Shoring
    Gusset Plates
    Palm Nailer
    Elevator Key Kit
    Much more to come!

    ***264 Special Operations is also a PA State Certified Rescue through the PA Department of Health and Office of the PA State Fire Commissioner***